Berserk (2016)

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Hmm This anime is very interesting I might watch more of it
it;'s a good anime
Very good adaptation of the comics. Episode 7 was particularly good. Always wanted to see animated puck in comic form. True to what I imagined puck would be...! Not sure what people are complaining about, it's not like they've paid money to watch it. People who whinge and moan are so petty. Don't like it? Go animate your own rendition of the manga. Good luck.

So far so good. 1997 anime still remains a favourite though, the music on that was fantastic.
you have terrible tastes in animation quality then and are blind to all the awkward 3d effects. dont like my comments? go build your own site to share opinions on
@PaleAle, awww where do you live? I'll send you a box of tissues.
They are using the 3D animated modells from the 'Stardust Crusaders' opening. Also the animators have no idea what lip-syncing is. The modells move at a horrible 24 frames per second and when thez try to talk, thez just look tetarded with their lips always keeping their mouth open and moving in fantastical directions. Let us also mention that this show has some of the slowest action I've seen lately - if it went any slower, the original 1997 show would classify as more dynamic (and that show made ample use of still shots). Also, this show has some of the ever - popular censored gore (again a-la Jojo) and it just so happens that the source material is one of the most gorry mangas out there, which also encompasses many mature themes. Overall this looks like a half-assed amateur project from the early 2000's than a truly modern recreation of a classic manga. Almost makes this one wish, that in stead of Millepensee they gave the project to studio Madhouse or Bones. Let us hope the animation gets better, I will not keep my hopes high though.
I was EXTREMELY disappointed with the 1997ish releases and have been praying for a good Berserk anime to be re-released....I registered to comment on this as I am surprised to say the original release was FAR better than this...i couldnt even finish this episode (only canceled like last 4 mins though)


-they decided to include the pre-golden arc story not included in the originals

-they decided to re-write the pre-golden arc story
-the animation is garbage
-the animation is GARBAGE
-the animation survives purely on the epicness that is Berserk....

yeah....i dont know how a 2016 adaptation can be worse than blows my fucking mind...still, despite not finishing this episode i will keep my fingers crossed and hope they will recover this seeming facepalm of a remake